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View Right Angle's newest video to learn about the impact of Summer of a Lifetime from our participants!!

Right Angle, a program of the highly successful Noble Network of Charter Schools, is dedicated to providing access, funding and support for hundreds of low income students to participate in summer academic enrichment programs at colleges and universities nationwide. Summer of a Lifetime reaches students after their sophomore year when they are at a crossroads in high school and provides them with life changing college experiences forever influencing their educational and career trajectories. Access to summer college enrichment programs exposes students to four-year colleges and universities, significantly increasing the chances these students will enroll in and graduate from such institutions. Leaving Chicago and their families, living independently on a college campus, meeting other students from all over the world and taking classes taught by university professors, students return with unparalleled confidence in their abilities and a burning desire to attend college. Since beginning in 1996, 2,207 students have participated in Summer of a Lifetime and 85% have gone on to attend four-year colleges.

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“If (not for) Summer of a Lifetime, I would not be so sure that I would want to attend college. It's no longer a dream for me; it's my next step. I will go to college, I will graduate and I will make something of myself.”   - Gabriela B., Summer of a Lifetime participant